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Terms of use

  1. All services provided by supplier can be used only in agreement with czech laws in force. Purachaser is undertaking not to present, save or place on his virtual server any materials whose content would be contradicting czech laws in force and good manners. Supplier doesn´t hold any responsibility for possible breach of this clause.

  2. Purchaser is undertaking to present all customer scripts and aplications running on the server before the instalation for the secure review and authorization.

  3. Purchaser is not authorized to present access codes to the server to any other person ore persons.

  4. Purchaser is not authorized to use provider's servers or other provided services for sending unsolicited e-mail messages, mass commercial messages or spam.

  5. Purchaser is undertaking to pay month´s charges by the date stated. Charges are due by the date stated part payments (quaterly, half-yearly, annually). Prices follow the price list. All prices without VAT.

  6. Possible delay with charge settlement is a reason for interruption in providing of the ordered services.

  7. Supplier is undertaking to ensure uninterrupted 24 hour operation of purcharser's virtual server, it´s accessibility for internet users, and the operation of ordered e-mail boxes starting from a first day of received invoice payment.

  8. Supplier is reserving a right of short servers operationality interruption e.g. caused by accident, service, repair or exchange of system parts which directly influence an operation of ordered services.

  9. Supplier is not undertaking responsibility for interruption of operation of ordered services caused by third persons or by force majeur (war, fire, earthquake etc.), eventualy by failure of appliance owned by other suppliers (electricity failures, failures of other servers or devices etc.) in case that supplier wasn´t able to maintain or prevent these events. Supplier is not responsible for eventual detriments or lost profit of purchaser in context of interruption in of provided services.

  10. Purcharser confirms his agreement with General Business Conditions by submiting an order.
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