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Fraudulent calls for domain payment

September 8, 2014 fraudulent domain payment calls were sent in the name of Registrar General Registry, Ltd.

They can be identified by the fact that they have a bank account at AirBank.

Do not pay for them!

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Webhosting - plan WEB just from 135 CZK

PHP, 4GB, 2 x DB, unlimited e-mails, antivir a antispam
Plan offering 4GB of disk space, PHP scripting, 2 MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, unlimited count of mailboxes with antivirus and antispam protection, regular data backup and non-stop hotline.

15% SALE for yearly payment - 135 CZK/month
plan WEB further information.

Serverhosting - plan vServer Start from 409 CZK

20 GB HDD, 1 vCPU (400MHz) 512MB RAM
vServer Start hosting plan offers virtual server with 1 IPv4 address, unlimited count of IPv6 addresses, monitoring and non-stop hotline.

15% SALE for yearly payment- 409 CZK/month - more ....

Webhosting plans overview

WEB from 135 CZK/month PHP4/5, 400MB, 20 mailboxes, antivir, antispam
proWEB from 225 CZK/month PHP4/5, 1000MB, 35 mailboxes, MySQL, antivir, antispam
topWEB from 420 CZK/month PHP4/5, 2500MB, 50 mailboxes, 3 x PostgreSQL/MySQL, antivir, antispam, domain for 1 year free of charge
miniWEB 75 CZK/month PHP4/5, 100MB, 5 mailboxes, antivir, antispam
Mail Hosting 95 CZK/month 30 mailboxes, webmail, antivir, antispam
DNS Hosting FOR FREE DNS for unlimited count of domains
Domain parking FOR FREE

Benefits you get with our hosting plans

  • Reliability, speed and quality - our servers are optimised for high performance and availability.
  • Tailor-made approach - we will find solution which fits your needs
  • Internet, networking and security consultancy - we will help you realize your bussiness plans
  • Antivir and antispam mailbox protection - integral part of all hosting plans
  • NON-STOP tech support and HOTLINE - phone and mail support available 24 hours a day
  • Mailboxes web administration interface - mailbox management (passwords, mailboxer, aliases a notification to mobile phone) available via WWW interface
  • Registration and domain management - .com .net .org .info .biz .cz .sk .ws and .us domains
  • A lot of disk space for your WWW presenatation, mailboxes and databases
  • Database administration WWW interface
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